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Rich in history, perfect in design. 


Neicy’s Place offers a wide variety of Pan-African inspired products such as earrings, hair-clips, necklaces, scarves/napkin rings, t-shirts and more for the culturally-inclined individual. Each item is carefully crafted and 100% handmade, with the goal of creating “wearable history” to illustrate the significance of Black culture. 

While our focus is on delivering high-quality crafts and more, our purpose goes much deeper.


The S.O.U.L. (Shaping of Our Unique Lives) of wearable history was created to showcase the beauty, diversity, and grace of black culture. From Africa and through the African Diaspora, the black woman and

man encompass a world of complexities and complexions. Black culture creates, inspires, and livens. It is a culture of movement, refusing to be stilled; resolved in its beauty, it’s blackness and its journey. 


It is our goal to celebrate the richness and diversity of black culture by incorporating these historical elements into our collection of products for you to wear with pride. More important, we aim to educate customers on the many layers of meaning embedded within our products. From tracing black roots around the world to recounting the stories of our souls, we strive to tell a well-rounded narrative of the black experience in the form of intricate design and fashionable art for all to enjoy. 


So, pull up a chair, sit down for a while, and get comfortable at Neicy’s Place. 

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